Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Beauty Blogger Tag

Hello Beauties,  

I decided to do this Blogger Tag that I found on Sweetaholic Beauty Blog, for you to get to know me a bit better :)

So, let's start;

1. Is your hair naturally curly or straight?
My hair is naturally straight and sometimes it is annoying since it doesn't hold curls, and after two hours I end up with wavy hair instead of curly hair.

2. What is your natural hair color?
Naturally, it is ash blonde. However, at the moment it is a redish kind of color. 

3. Do you dye it yourself or go to a salon?
I prefer to go to a salon instead of doing it myself even it entails paying more. I am somewhat wary of doing it myself. 

4. How often do you wash your hair?
I wash my hair approximately 3 times a week. 

5. Do you wear the same style every day or change it?
It depends on the occasion and were I am going that day. During the week I wear Office-Wear since I work full time. Then if I am going out in the evening I like to wear smart casual type of clothing. 

6. Do you do your own mani/pedi or go to a salon?
I do my own mani/pedi, I never went to a salon. The reason for this being that I don't have the time to go to a nail salon every two weeks. 

7. How often to you change your nail polish?
I don't apply nail polish regularly. I like my nails natural and also it is not healthy for your nails to always apply nail polish. 

8. Do you polish your toes in the winter, too or just in the summer?
Hmm, I almost never polish my toes neither in Summer and much less in Winter. 

9. How long does it take to put on your makeup?
It depends on were I'm going. If I am going to work it takes about 15 minutes. If I am going out it takes about 30 minutes. 

10. What do you do first? Face or eyes?
I always start face first. First concealer, foundation, then I do my eyes, and last step I apply powder to set everything. 

11. Do you "collect" makeup or just buy what you need when you need it?
I loveeee makeup, I collect it. 

12. How often do you wear false eyelashes?
Only on special occasions, since they irritate my eyes. 

13. Do you do a full face of makeup every day?
No not everyday. I do a full face of makeup only when I am going out.

14. Do you wear makeup when you are home alone (or with family)?
No, I hate wearing makeup when I'm at home.  

15. Will you leave the house without makeup?
No, never. 

16. How many high end products do you have?
I think none. The most high end products that I own are MAC products. 

17. How often do you wash your makeup brushes?
Every 3 weeks. I know I should wash them more often, but sometimes I am too lazy to even bother lool. 

18. Do you plan your OOTD every night or decide when you are getting dressed?
During the week, I just decide then and there. However, I plan every outfit for the weekend during the week. 

19. How often do you change your handbag?
Almost never. If I like a handbag, I stick to it till it falls apart hehe.

20. What time do you get up & go to sleep?
I get up at 6.00am and sleep at about 11.00pm

21. How often & when do you workout?
I workout 3 days a week, and also it depends how tired I am after work. 

22. Left-handed or Right-handed?
Right handed!

23. How tall are you?
Average height. 

24. Do you speak a foreign language?
My mother language is Maltese. Foreign languages that I speak fluently are, English and Italian. 

25. How many pets do you have?
Persian Cat called 'Carina' :)

26. How often are you on Blogger?
Lately it has been quite hard to keep track of my posts since I am busy with work, however I try to be on Blogger at least once a week.

27. Do you read the comments posted blogs?
Yes, of course. I love receiving and reading all the comments :) 

28. Do you keep a list of products to try as you see other posts?
No I don't. If I watch a video pr read a post about a new product I prefer to research about it then and there. 

29. How did you come up with your blog name?
It wasn't very hard hehe. I just my feelings into a couple of words. 

30. What kind of camera do you use for photographs?
Fujifilm Finepix AX

31. How often do you clean your house? (Daily, weekly, other)
Twice a week. 

32. What is your favorite color?
Royal blue for sure. 

33. What is your favorite beauty/fashion magazine?
I don't have one, I don't read magazines. 

34. Do you swear?
Sometimes, when I'm really angry. 

35. What are you doing with the rest of your day?
Well, at the moment its 8.17pm, so with the rest of the evening, I am going to watch some episodes from the series 'Suits' and then go to sleep. 

That's all for the questions,

I tag everyone to do this tag, and leave your response in the comments section below,

Until next time,

Take Care,

Jessica :)

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Cheap E-Bay Finds

Hello Beauties,

I have been browsing e-bay quite frequently lately and I found inexpensive beauty items that otherwise would cost more, especially here in Malta.

I hate it when I put my hair up in a ponytail and the hair tie leaves my hair creased. I have been seeing these types of Crease less hair ties for quite some time; however they cost about 1 euro for only 1. On e-bay they only cost 2 euro including shipping for a packet of 5, which I think is a great deal. On the same lines of creased hair, I also found Fringe Grip Velcro Sheets. These are ideal for keeping your hair back whilst doing your makeup and also whilst cleansing your face, and the best part is they do not leave any crease in your hair. These cost 1.25 euro including shipping for a pack of two.

Wire Cord Hair Ties
Fringe Grip Velcro
Of course, I could not help it but search for false eyelashes. These normally cost between 5 to 10 euro for a pair or mostly two pairs. However, from e-bay I found a ten pair pack of false eyelashes for only 4 euro including shipping. Although they are cheap they are good quality and are hand-made. The only disadvantage is that they took quite some time to arrive because they were sent from China; however their quality and inexpensive price compensated for that.

What are you e-bay finds? And where you satisfied with your purchase?

Take Care,

Until next time

Jessica xxx

Friday, 15 February 2013

Haul: Catrice and Essence

Heyy Beauties,

I have a small haul for you guys today :)

It has been quite some time since I bought some Catrice and Essence makeup, and since I had to stock up on several basics, I decided to visit their stand.

First off, I bought a new setting powder by Essence called Mattifying compact powder in the color 01 'Natural Beige'. I have been using this product for a week now and I have no complaints. It does not cake up the face and is very natural looking. I recommend this product to anyone:

I have been searching for this next product for ages, and at last I found it. It was the last one on the stand and luckily I managed to purchase it. This is the Essence Gel Eyeliner in the color 'Midnight in Paris'. I also, have been using this product for a week, as can be seen from the pictures below, and I must say that I like it even better then the MUA Gel Eyeliner (Review HERE). It applies so smoothly and the color is blackest black. Love it!!

The last two "extra" products that I bought are the Essence Color & Go Nail Polish in the color '109 Off to Miami'. I haven't tried this yet, however I really like the color and it would also be a perfect Spring color:

The last product is a Catrice Limited Edition Lip Cream in the color 'Rest in the Forest' from the collection 'Siberian Call'. I am always looking around for new and different colors which I do not already own, and this was one of them. It is a versatile color, which can be worn both for work or school, or coupled with a bright lip color to tone it down.

Overall, I am satisfied with all the products that I bought, Let me know what you think if you have already tried any of these products,

Until next time,

Take Care,

Jessica :)

Monday, 4 February 2013

Review: My re-found love:- Deborah Liquid eyeliner

Heyy Beauties,

Hope you had a great start to the week :)

So, a couple of days ago I used up my MUA gel eyeliner, (Review click HERE), and I did not have a backup. Whilst rumaging through my collection I found my Deborah Liquid liner which I had totally forgotten about.

Deborah Liquid Precisione Eyeliner
I got so used to applying eyeliner with a brush that I forgot how to use a liquid eyeliner hahaha. However, for my first time after so long I applied it quite good,

Using Deborah Liquid Eyeliner
Although I really like using Gel Eyeliner, I had forgotten how much I used to love liquid eyeliner. It is true that when applying Gel liner you have more control over the application, however I find that no Gel Liner is as dark and black as a Liquid Liner is.

The downsides of this product is that the brush is very flimsy and frayed. However, this may be because of how long it has been in my makeup collection hehe :)

Overall, I really like this product. It is very black and it has remained liquid and not dried out even though it has been unused for so long.

I wish to try other similar products, which is you favorite Liquid Eyeliner?

Until next time,

Jessica :)

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Beautiful Malta:- Fawwara

Hey Beauties,

This post is especially for our international viewers. In this post I am not going to talk about beauty related to makeup or hair, but beauty related to our beautiful country, Malta.

Last weekend I visited a place called 'Fawwara'. I knew it existed however this was the first time that  I visited this picturesque area. This is a stretch of land between Siggiewi, Rabat and Had- Dingli which are situated south west of the island.

Malta: Il- Fawwara
 Il- Fawwara: History

In the past, Fawwara was known for the large amount of water it supplied. It dates back to the times when the Arabs controlled Malta in the thirteen century. It is a host to two Chapels. one that is dedicated to Our Lady of Mount Carmel which was built in 1616 and the other one is dedicated to Our Lady of Providence which was built in 1575.

I was mesmerized by its natural beauty:

Fawwara cliffs

Fawwara: my mother from the top of the cliffs.
This is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places in Malta since only a couple of people live here and no cars can pass through it. I kept on walking to the top of these cliffs which go all the way to Dingli which is another quiet village in Malta.

Fawwara: Filfa
From Fawwara Cliffs, a small uninhabited island that forms part of the Maltese Archipelago, Filfa, can be clearly seen. During 1980, it became a bird reserve, where 3 types of bird species are protected. The following photos are the view that can be seen from Fawwara Cliffs:

Fawwara: Dingli Cliffs

Fawwara: View

Fawwara: View

So, if you are planning to visit Malta someday, this is a good place to start and relax on your vacation,

Until next time.

Take Care,

Jessica xxx

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Review: Coconut Oil

Heyyy Beauties,

One of my main New Year's resolutions is to eat healthier and maintain a balanced diet with high protein foods and as minimal carbohydrates as possible. I visited a health store and bought some organic and protein filled foods. One of the products that I bought is coconut oil. I knew that it was a great moisturizer, however I did not fully now how powerful and healthy it is for us.

First off, the coconut oil that I bought is 100% raw, organic and fair trade. In Winter it is a hard consistency, therefore if it is being used to cook, it has to be melted first. However, in Summer it melts down to an oily and creamy consistency.
Coconut Oil
Coconut oil (Hard consistency)
This product has a lot of benefits. It can substitute all your beauty products that are filled with processed chemicals, it works better and is cheaper.


  • Can be used as a face moisturiser. Beneficial for those that have acne, since it can help to clear it up. 
  • I also use it as a body moisturiser, especially after shaving. 
  • If mixed with some baking soda, it can act as a facial scrub
  • Can be used as a deep conditioner and treatment for the hair. It is beneficial even more for those that have dry and damaged hair.
  • Tames frizzy hair, if applied straight after washing it or after blow drying.
  • Can prevent and eliminate dandruff.
  • I apply coconut oil around my cuticles and also as a hand cream
  • For those who are on a diet or who have opted to a healthy lifestyle, it is a great product to substitute butter and normal oil. As can be seen from the nutritional facts below, it does not have any carbohydrates, no sugars, no gluten, no preservatives. It only has natural fats which are essential for a healthy lifestyle. 
Coconut oil nutritional facts

To conclude, I love this product, it is great for almost anything and it also saved me a lot of money because I use one product instead of several products which in reality are harmful. Always remember that natural is better :) I bought this product from Holland & Barrett however it can be found in any health food store.

Until next time,

Take Care,

Jessica xx

Happy New Year! New Hair :)

Heyy Beauties,

Happy New Year to all!! :)

So for the first blog post of 2013 I am going to show you my new hair color. I have been contemplating since last Summer to change my hair color, however I was quite scared because the color that I wanted is quite risky, needs maintenance and is not such a natural color.

However, for the new year I decided to just take the plundge and do it, so yesterday I went to my usual hairdresser. The following pictures are my hair before and after. Beware: there is quite a difference hehe.

Hair Old

Hair New

Before, I had a dark kind of brown, but then with washing it it became quite dull. The new color is between orange and red. At first I had quite a shock when looking at the result for the first time, but then I got used to it. I really like this color and I think it is quite unique.

What do YOU think?  I am very interested to know your opinions :)

Jessica :)