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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Review: Coconut Oil

Heyyy Beauties,

One of my main New Year's resolutions is to eat healthier and maintain a balanced diet with high protein foods and as minimal carbohydrates as possible. I visited a health store and bought some organic and protein filled foods. One of the products that I bought is coconut oil. I knew that it was a great moisturizer, however I did not fully now how powerful and healthy it is for us.

First off, the coconut oil that I bought is 100% raw, organic and fair trade. In Winter it is a hard consistency, therefore if it is being used to cook, it has to be melted first. However, in Summer it melts down to an oily and creamy consistency.
Coconut Oil
Coconut oil (Hard consistency)
This product has a lot of benefits. It can substitute all your beauty products that are filled with processed chemicals, it works better and is cheaper.


  • Can be used as a face moisturiser. Beneficial for those that have acne, since it can help to clear it up. 
  • I also use it as a body moisturiser, especially after shaving. 
  • If mixed with some baking soda, it can act as a facial scrub
  • Can be used as a deep conditioner and treatment for the hair. It is beneficial even more for those that have dry and damaged hair.
  • Tames frizzy hair, if applied straight after washing it or after blow drying.
  • Can prevent and eliminate dandruff.
  • I apply coconut oil around my cuticles and also as a hand cream
  • For those who are on a diet or who have opted to a healthy lifestyle, it is a great product to substitute butter and normal oil. As can be seen from the nutritional facts below, it does not have any carbohydrates, no sugars, no gluten, no preservatives. It only has natural fats which are essential for a healthy lifestyle. 
Coconut oil nutritional facts

To conclude, I love this product, it is great for almost anything and it also saved me a lot of money because I use one product instead of several products which in reality are harmful. Always remember that natural is better :) I bought this product from Holland & Barrett however it can be found in any health food store.

Until next time,

Take Care,

Jessica xx