Monday, 30 December 2013

New Year's Resolution

Hey Beauties,

I'm back :) sorry for the lack of posts lately, however I have been quite busy with exams and catching up with my family during the holidays.

During this time of year the majority of us start compiling a list of new year's resolutions, and promising ourselves that they are going to be kept in the forthcoming year, although this may not be the case in reality ;)

Personally, I try and keep them as much as possible, however mid way through the year these promises are forgotten, sometimes intentionally :/

This year I am only going to do one new year's resolution. I am not the most organised of persons and sometimes my room is like a war disaster zone haha. So, today I woke up determined to clean it up, especially the shoes section in my wardrobe, bags section and jewellery section.

Jewellery Section

I had this earings stand for over 4 years now. I decided to change it since it does not really go with the rest of the room. The one I chose is acrylic, holds not only earings but also rings and small bracelets.

The majority of them, I arranged them according to the colour, however some of them are too long and had to put them elsewhere.
Before and After
New Earings Holder
 Lipstick and Lipgloss section

These two drawers are full to the brim. I bought a small lipstick holder in which I put my most treasured and expensive lip products. Not only I have created more space for new ones, but also I like the fact that these lip products are on display instead of in a drawer.
Before and After
Everyday Shoes Section

This is one of the worst sections. The situation was so grave that I had forgotten what flat shoes I owned :/ As soon as I organised them, I felt relieved :)
Before and After

Jeans and Pants Section

As can be seen from the before picture, my trousers were quite jumbled up and again, I had forgotten what I own and end up always wearing the same things.
Before and After

Bags Section

This is the last section that I organised, and I threw away almost everything. This is the section that in the coming year I need to invest most in, since I don't have many bags to choose from.
Before and After
I hope that I keep my new year's resolution and wish every one a happy new year filled with happiness and success,

Until next time,

Take Care,

Jessica xxx

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Lierac Product Review. Part 2.

Hey Beauties,

As a few of you may already know, a few weeks ago, together with several other Maltese Beauty Bloggers, I was invited to attend the official launch of Lierac Products here in Malta. I also attended the introductory seminar last June, after which I posted about the concept that these products are based on and the type of ingredients used in manufacturing them. If you want to know more about this please click HERE.
Me with the other Bloggers
Also, if you want to know more about were the event took place and photos that I took please check out my facebook page my clicking HERE.

During the event, my guest for the night, Gail, and I were given a few products to test out a few of which I am going to review in this post.

1) Demaquillan Purete Face Wash

The first thing that I noticed about this product is the packaging. I like the fact that it has a pump so there can be better control on how much product is being used.

It has quite a musky smell which is quite unusual from the typical fragrance of other products. It does not bother me that much since it does not linger on the face after using this product.

I use this product at night mainly to take off my makeup. I have to say, it takes off every trace of makeup and leaves the skin squeaky clean. However, I feel that it is a bit harsh for my skin since it is very sensitive. Of course, I use a good moisturiser afterwards. This might not be the case for other skin types.This is the reason why I use this product only at night. I do not think that it has done anything special with regards to my acne, however the benefit is that it eliminates all the dirt off my face.

Overall opinion: I think that this is a very good product and I would recommend it to those searching for a new face wash. It is not the cheapest of products, however a little goes a long way and it will last quite some time.

2) Luminescence Serum

After using the above mentioned face wash, I apply this serum. I really like its consistency, it feels like silk on my skin whilst applying it. Although it is a serum, it does not grease up my face, my skin remains matte but feels moisturised at the same time.
Overall opinion: again I would recommend this product for those searching for a new moisturiser. I think this serum is suitable for every skin type.

3) Mesolift Serum: Radiance Booster (what my friend Gail thinks about this product)

"It felt tingly at first, but it wasn't long enough until my face started to feel more vibrant and energetic. I recommend this product for those feeling stressed and tired due to the negative effects they relinquish onto the skin. The thing I really like about this product is that it enables the face to feel revitalised and moisturised at the same time.

In terms of packaging I really liked the fact that it comes with a pipette, enabling one not to waste product and use too much. This serum contains a variety of vitamins and minerals which is what the skin needs. This results in hydrating the face and making it more healthy.

It has a citrus smell which I personally liked and did not linger on the skin for very long after I applied it.

Overall Opinion: I highly recommend this product to those who experience skin fatigue and any one aged 25 years and over since it contains 'hyaluronic acid' which helps with face elasticity and hydration, therefore it is a great to prevent wrinkles from developing. However, any person with sensitive skin should first consult with one's personal dermatologist with regards to the use of such a product. With regards to pricing, it is not the cheapest but it definitely promises satisfactory results."

That is all for this post,

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Until next time,

Take Care,

Jessica xxx

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Makeup Look: Blue and Yellow combination

Hey Beauties,

A couple of weeks ago I attended the Lierac Launch event and I created a blue yellow make up look that I'd like to share with you all :)

Step 1: Applied NYX Jumbo eye shadow pencil in 'Peacock'. I use it as a base for the eye shadow colour to be more vibrant and last longer.

Step 2: Applied Make Up Store eye shadow in 'Aquarius' on top of the previous product, only on half of the eye lid. I applied it in a patting motion so that the colour is as vibrant as can be.

Step 3: Next, applied Catrice eye shadow in the colour 'John Lemon' on the remaining half of the lid and blended the colour with the previous one so that the line in between the colour is reduced as much as possible.

Step 4: To create some depth to the look I applied another Make Up Store colour in 'Ghetto' in the crease. I've noticed that I use this particular product almost every time I do a makeup look. I consider it to be the perfect transition colour for a smoky look and also to match with bright colour, as is in this case.

Step 5: Applied Nee eye shadow in 'Black' in the outer V of the lid and slightly smoked it out.

Step 6: After eye shadow is complete, apply your favourite eye liner and mascara.

Step 7: For the lips: at the moment this is my favourite combination, XXXL Shine in the color 'Nude Kiss', and NYX soft matte lip cream in the colour 'Milan'.

That's all for this post,

Let me know if you try this make up look by sending me a picture on my facebook page, Ghamel link,

Until next time,

Take Care,

Jessica xxx

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Review: Good Things Total Wipe Out Cleansing Wipes

Hey Beauties,

A couple of weeks ago I decided to try out the make up cleansing wipes by Good Things. I thought, if the other products that I've tried have resulted to be so good, then these wipes will be as good. However, I did not like them as much:
Let's start with the things I liked:

Packaging: It's biodegradable which is always a positive aspect to safeguard the environment

Ingredients: this is common for all Good Things skin care products; free from SFSs, Mineral Oils, Parabens, Animal Ingredients and it contains super-fruits instead of all the chemicals which are found in the majority of skin care products.

The material the wipes are made of is sturdy and thick which compared to others that I've tried, are really good quality. They contain a lot of moisture therefore won't easily dry out. In fact if left upside down, some of their moisture may seep through them.

Things not impressed with:

Scent: its too powerful compared to the other Good Things products. It results in lingering too much on the skin which personally, I'm not a fan of.

Use: Can only be used on the face. The first time I used them, I also removed my eye make-up which resulted in a burning sensation. It was only after that I noticed the print "Avoid direct contact with eyes". However, I did not like how it left my skin red after using them. It was a sign that my skin didn't like them I guess.

Overall Opinion:

I think that these wipes would be better suite for normal to dry skin. They are definitely not targeted for sensitive skin. Overall, I think they are well made and they are relatively inexpensive.

That's all for this post,

Until next time,

Take Care,

Jessica xxx

Friday, 11 October 2013

Small Haul: Tally Weijl

Hey Beauties,

Today, after work, I decided to visit Tally Weijl Outlet in Sliema, since quite some time has passed since the last time that I shopped from there.
Whilst browsing through all the clothes, I found this gorgeous dress. The part that caught my eye the most is the fabric's texture and how the design is like embossed in the fabric itself. Also, I like the chiffon detail at the front and at the bank, together with an exposed zipper. This dress is perfect for a special occasion. I think I am going to save it for the holidays :)
The second piece that I found is this royal blue blouse. Of course, I had to purchase it because of its colour, which is my ultimate favourite colour. Another thing that I really like is the flowy, chiffon fabric, which may portray a laid back style. Also, I do not have anything similar to this.
It can be worn casually or even for a night out if paired with the right accessories. However, still not sure what to wear with it, a skirt or trousers, what do you think?

Would appreciate your suggestions :)

Until next time,

Take Care,

Jessica xxx

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Review: Essence Stay Natural Concealer

Hey Beauties,

About two weeks ago I decided to try out a new concealer from Essence: Stay Natural Concealer in the colour 'Soft Honey'.

Quality of product: It is a liquid type of concealer, creamy and easily blendable. The colour I chose matched my skin perfectly. It has light to medium coverage which may not be suitable to cover severe acne scars.

Amount of product: The fact that disappointed me the most about this product is that after a week and a half from when I bought it, it was already finished. Granted, for its price I was not expecting it lasting for a long time, however a week and half seems too little to me.

Packaging: it is a pen like product, that is, twisting the end and the product comes out from the brush. A defect this packaging has is that after you stop twisting the end, product still keeps on coming out. Therefore, there is excessive waste of the concealer.

Brush: this is the part that I liked most about this product. It is a synthetic bristle brush and it applies the product really well without any streaks.
Price: it is inexpensive, as all Essence products are.

Overall: I was disappointed with this particular concealer, it did not meet my expectations. It is ideal for those who do not use concealer frequently.However, for those who use concealer everyday, like me, may want to search for another concealer.

Have you used this concealer? What do you think about it?

Until next time,

Take Care,

Jessica xx

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Daily skin care routine

Hey Beauties,

Exams have finished, so I can direct my attention on writing some posts at last.

Hope you are all doing great :)

Last May I was browsing around the shelves at our local supermarket, and stumbled upon some products which I never heard of before: Good Things skin care. I have to admit that the main thing that caught my eye was the packaging. However, when examining the product further I noticed that these products were from:
  • Parabens: Research has shown that these chemicals have displayed estrogenic activity in several tests. In other words, these chemicals mimic the body's own hormones and can thus disrupt endocrine functions in virtually every system in the body. (1)
  • Sodium Laureth Sulphate: This chemical has been found to breach the protective layers of the skin. When you use products with both SLS and other chemical toxins and preservatives, you are inviting these other toxins to more easily penetrate the skin and enter the blood stream.
    SLS has shown up in the tissues of the brain, liver, heart and other vital organs. This strongly suggests it is retained long term in several bodily tissues. (2)
  • Mineral Oils: this ingredient is more suited for dry skin. Therefore, it is ideal for oily skin to use products without mineral oils.
  • Animal Ingredients: means that these products are cruelty free.
So, I decided to test them out. After about a week, my skin felt healthier, more supple and moisturized and have been using them since.
Daily Routine:
1) Stay Clear Purifying cleanser
I use this anti- blemish cleanser in the morning and evening. I massage it into the skin for a minute (yes I count) and then rinse it off with lukewarm water. The active ingredients that prevent acne are mango (helps in moisturising the skin and keeping it supple), blueberry (acts as an antioxidant and has anti irritant properties), willow-bark (it is a source of beta-hydroxyl acids including salicylic acid) extracts.
2) Deep Pore anti- blemish Cleanser
I use this product as a toner after cleansing my face, therefore in the morning and evening. I pour it on a cotton pad and pat it on the skin. The active ingredients are fig (rich in Vitamin B6  and calcium) and wild strawberry (rich in Vitamin C and Potassium) extracts.
3) Miracle Mattifier Moisturiser
Usually I don't apply moisturiser because I feel like it sits on my skin and makes it oilier. However, this moisturiser moisturises my face whilst not increasing the production of oil. Active ingredients in this product are blackcurrant (have anti- inflammatory benefits) and goji berry (tonic for the skin since they calm the skin with its anti-inflammatory actions) extracts.
4) Spot that spot clearing gel
I use this only when I have a breakout, not everyday. After about 3 days spots almost disappear. Active ingredients are Papaya (Rich in enzymes therefore has an exfoliating action) and Acai (Rich in B-Vitamins and minerals and help sooth inflammation) extracts.
5) Bright eyes eye cream
Its purpose is anti puffiness and minimise dark circles, which I definitely needed during the recent exam session. Its moisturises the eye area and decreases puffiness. However, have not noticed a decrease in my dark circles. I need to test it out more. Active ingredients are Raspberry (used for its skin calming qualities) and Lychee (contains Vitamin- C and skin boosting mineral- potassium)  extracts.
I like the smell of all these products, it is a fresh and fruity type of smell which slightly lingers on the skin. Also, they are inexpensive products which is an added advantage. Good Things also offer an skin care line for normal, not acne prone skin. I recommend these products to any one.
That all for today,
Hope you liked this post,
Let me know your thoughts if you tried this skin care brand,
Until next time,
Take Care,
Jessica xxx
FYI: I have bought all these products with my own money. I have not been contacted to do this post. All opinions are my own.

Friday, 23 August 2013

Pin up Makeup Look: Makeup Tutorial

Hey Beauties,

So it has been a while since I purchased the Lime Crime Velvetines and I still had not worn it out (Read Review Here). Last Wednesday, my friend encouraged me to wear it and so I did :)
I paired it up with a very simple eye look:

Step 1:

Applied NYX Jumbo eye shadow pencil in 'Milk' and set it with a white eyeshadow.

Step 2:

I chose a very soft brown and applied it in the crease of the eye and blended it.

Step 3:

I applied a slightly darker brown in the outer 'V' of the eye and blended it with the soft brown colour I applied before.

Step 4:

Applied a black eyeliner and winged it out more then usual.

Step 5:

Loads of coats of mascara.

Then, of course, I applied the Lime Crime Velvetines. A downside that I noticed about this product is the applicator. It is a doe foot applicator, therefore extra care must be taken since it is much easier to not applying the product perfectly with this kind of wand, at least for me.

Last step, I applied a dark pink blush, contoured my face slightly and applied a highlighter on my cheek bones.

I think this is one of the easiest tutorials so far since the main focus are the lips.

That's all for the post,

Hope you liked the tutorial,

Until next time,

Take Care,

Jessica xxx

The Liebster Award

Hey Beauties,

I have just found out that I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by Styles of Summers. I am really grateful and honoured to be nominated for this award and thank you Jessica for nominating me.

The Liebster Award is an award for up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. The award's aim is to raise awareness for nominated blogs, and enable the blogger to enhance its audience.
The nomination's rules consist of the following:
1) List ten facts about myself.
2) Answer the ten questions that Styles of Summers gave me. 
3) Nominate bloggers who have under 200 followers and link them in my post. 
4) Come up with ten new questions for the people I nominate for The Liebster Award. 
5) Tell the nominees that I have nominated them so that they can answer the questions
So let's start:
Ten facts about myself
1) I am from Malta which is a very small island in the middle of the Mediterranean. Our neighbours are Sicily and Italy.
2) I love travelling. I try to at least travel once a year, however it always depends on the situation of my finances ;)
3) My favourite places that I have visited so far are London, followed second by Paris.
4) My main aim in life is to work abroad for at least 2 years.
5) I have graduated last year with a Bachelor of Commerce (Honors) Degree in Insurance and Finance and currently I am reading an ICAEW ACA Degree in Accountancy.
6) The first You Tube guru that I followed was Panacea81. I didn't have any idea how to apply eye shadows and experiment with colours. She was my first inspiration.
7) My favourite eye look is a black smoky eye with subtle pink lips. I like how it makes my eyes stand out and it is ideal for a night out with friends.
8) My favourite outfit is a flowy dress with a high- low hem line.
9) Favourite colour: Royal Blue
10) The car I drive is a Blue Kia Piccanto 2004 Model.
Ten Questions asked by Styles of Summers:
1) If you could have dinner with any celebrity/designer, past or present, who would it be and why?
I would have dinner with Kate Hudson. She is my all time favourite actress, love her style and hair. 

2) Lipgloss or lipstick? 

Lipstick because it can be worn in any weather condition. If it is windy weather, then lip gloss would end up smeared all over your face.

3) Favourite holiday you've been on?

London and Paris :)

4) Bright or nude nail varnishes? 

Bright colours for sure.

5) Actual book or kindle? 

Actual hard copy book. I collect them and hope to have a personal library in the future.

6) What's your favourite song? 

At the moment: Runaway Baby by Bruno Mars

7) Satchel or backpack? 

Neither. I don't like the look of them.

8) If you could have a free subscription to any magazine, what magazine would you choose and why? 

Cosmopolitan. I used to purchase it in the past and I find it interesting.

9) What is your favourite film and why?

Something Borrowed: I have watched it more then 5 times I think, I love the story line.

10) What is your favourite item you own and why? 

MAC Lip stick: it is my favourite brand.

Nominated Blogs:

Island of Make Believe:
Poccaloca's Blog:
Passion to Beauty:

Ten New Questions:

1) What do you like doing in your free time?
2) Do you have any pets at home?
3) How was your interest in makeup/fashion sparked?
4) Do you have any favourite celebrity?
5) What is your current favourite trend?
6) Who is your favourite youtuber?
7) What is your favourite song?
8) If you could take part in any film, what would it be?
9) Did you know about this blog before I nominated your blog?
10) What posts would you like to read in the future?

I have followed all the rules, the last thing that I still need to do is tell the nominated blogs that I have nominated them.

Thank you again Jessica for nominating Beauty is our Passion blog.

Until Next time,

Take Care,

Jessica xxx



Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Evening Smoky Eye: Makeup Tutorial

Hey Beauties,

Excuse me for not posting lately however, I have been too busy studying for my upcoming exams.

A couple of weeks ago I participated in a singing concert, were I wore a black, subtle cat eye, smoky eye. Hope you like it :)
Products Used
Step 1: Applied Essence Cover Stick Concealer and Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation.

Step 2: Applied NYX Jumbo Eye Shadow Base in 'Milk' all over the lid, and blended it out, to form a sticky base for the eye shadows to last longer.

Step 3: Used 77 eye shadow palette and applied a light beige color on top of the 'Milk'.

Step 4: Next, applied a dark eye shadow to the outer 'V' of my lid and blended it out as much as I could. Then, I built up the color little by little to the intensity that I wanted.

Step 5: Applied a black eye shadow on top of the grey and blended the two colors together.

Step 6: As a transition color I used a soft brown color and blended the grey and brown together below the brow bone.

Step 7: Used a highlight color from the palette and applied it exactly beneath the brow bone and in the tear duct, to reflect light. Then, applied a subtle code in the inner corner of my eye.

Step 8: Applied Essence Long Lasting eye pencil in the color 'Cool Down' under my lower lashes and blended it in between the lashes together with Essence Long Lasting eye pencil in the color 'Black Fever' on my water line.

Step 9: Next, applied Essence Gel eye liner on my upper lid in a subtle cat eye form, and then approximately 3 coats of Maybelline Colossal Mascara.

Final Look
Step 10: As for the lips, I applied MAC Lip Liner in the color 'Magenta' all over the lip. Then applied Essence lipstick in the color 'Flirty Pink'. At the moment, this is my favourite lip combination :)

Lip Combination
That is all for this post,

Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

Don't forget to follow this blog for the upcoming Essence Cosmetics Giveaway ;)

Until next time,

Take Care,

Jessica xxx

Thursday, 25 July 2013

'At the Beach': Makeup look tutorial

Hey Beauties,

I know it may seem nonsense for some of you, but I still put on some makeup when going to the beach. So, I decided to show you the makeup look I like to do.

Step 1:

I apply 'Good Things Moisturiser' before applying any makeup and let it sink into my skin.

Step 2:

I start off with 'Essence Stick concealer' and apply it to scars and imperfections. Then, I apply a thin layer of 'Bourjois Healthy Mix' Foundation. I have tested the staying power of this foundation when going swimming, In a span of 6 hours at the beach I only retouched my skin once, so that is an added advantage that this foundation offers :).  I let these settle onto my skin whilst applying eyeliner and mascara.

Step 3:

I apply 'Essence Long Lasting' pencil in the color '09 Cool Down' on my lash line, after which I apply 'Essence Get Big Lashes Volume' Mascara in the waterproof formula.

Step 4:

Apply some powder all over my face

Step 5:

Last but no the least, I apply a lip liner since it leaves the lips tinted even after swimming, and also a lip gloss.

Hope you like this makeup look,

Until next time,

Take Care,

Jessica xxx

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Fashion Haul: New look, Suite Blanco, Carpisa

Hey Beauties,

I have been craving a shopping spree for the past 3 weeks, but it is only yesterday that I found the time to actually go shopping. So, I decided to share with you what I bought.

I really needed a new bag, so I decided to check out New Look's selection. There was a vast selection of bags, however, this is the one that caught my eye the most. I like this bag since it is large, has a structured shape, and is embellished with small holes and sparkly studs.
Also, from New Look, I bought these Summery flats. One can never own enough flats right? I really like the color and also the bow detail.

Carpisa have a 50% sale at the moment. Since I never buy anything from this brand, I took the opportunity. As you all know, I am obsessed with the Royal Blue color, so as soon as I entered the store, this bag stood out to me. Of course, this is my favourite purchase. Looovveee this bag!!! :)

From a small boutique I found these inexpensive shirts. I always try to find unique pieces that have that 'something special'. These sure fit the description, small details make a difference. They have a small exposed zipper on the back, and scattered studs on the straps. These were only 10euro each, so I decided to buy two of them.

Last outlet I visited is SuiteBlanco. I found this mint, chiffon blouse, and skin fit leggings. I love the blouse's gem detailing along the buttons. This would be a perfect Autumn outfit.

I was also searching for some new heels, however I was quite unlucky since all the shoes that I liked, my size wasn't available. To be honest, I was quite frustrated. Oh well, a good excuse to go on a shopping spree again this week hehe ;)

Until next time,

Take care,

Jessica xxx