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Friday, 17 August 2012

Beauty is our Passion Guests:- Martina and Denise from All Things Fabulous

Hi Beauties :)

We have invited The Fabulous Team from All Things Fabulous to write a Guest Post on our blog:

How To: Ombre Nails

Hi Guys!

I hope you are all well! We would like to thank Jessica and Rachel for hosting us on their blog today!!

We have a very interesting post for you today!! Have you ever heard of Ombre/ Gradient nails? Well we are going to show you how to do glittery ombre nails!!

This type of nail art gives the illusion that the colours used merge into one another as if it is all one nail colour!

Products Used:

  • Essence Nail Polish Remover (Strawberry + Vanilla)
  • OPI 180 edge nail filer
  • Essence Colour & Go Nail polish in 108 Ultimate Pink
  • Essence Remix your Style Limited Edition Nail Polish in 01 Just Can’t get enough
  • Essence Colour & Go 144 Black is Back
  • Essence Marble Mania Limited Edition Nail art kit (sponges + stripers)
  •  Sally Hansen Diamond Shine base and top coat
  • Plastic Surface

Begin by taking off any nail polish you have and filing your nails. I like to file my nails in a square shape! In order to keep your nail polish on longer file the top of your nail also as shown in the above pictures.

Apply your first coat of Pink nail polish, I have chosen the essence Colour & Go in 108 Ultimate Pink.

Apply a second coat of your nail polish and you are finished from you first phase of this look!

We will now start the Ombre/ Gradient effect which we will do with the essence Marble Mania Limited Edition Nail Kit sponge, you may use a foundation sponge also to do this.

We will now use the plastic surface where we will place a little of the nail polish we will be using for sponging. In this case I am using the essence Re-Mix your style Limited edition nail polish in 01 Just can’t get enough. Grab the sponge and with its corner dab on a little nail polish on it.

Starting from the tip of your nail, start sponging down to get the first layer of the ombre nails.

Repeat this process until you are happy with the payoff of the colour.

Next we will paint two lines on each ring finger. For this we will be using the essence Marble Mania Limited edition striper and the essence Colour & Go in 144 Black is Back.

As per the sponging technique, start by placing a little nail polish on the plastic surface. Dip the striper in the nail polish and draw two lines on the ring fingers as shown in the pictures above.

Next we will seal the deal with a top coat! I am using the Sally Hansen Diamond Shine Base and Top Coat.

Last but not least… Clean Up! Grab an ear bud and dab it in the nail polish remover and bid those “fallouts” good bye!

We hope you enjoyed this post!!

Thank you again to Jessica and Rachel for hosting us!!

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Martina & Denise

The Fabulous Team