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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Saturday Night Outfit

Hey Beauties,

I just wanted to share what I wore yesterday night. Hope you like it :)

I wore a black shirt that I bought from Suite Blanco. This is one of my favorite shirts because of its studded detailing on the shoulder. I chose turquoise pants that I bought last Summer from Pull & Bear as a pop of color to my outfit. For shoes I wore, white Suite Blanco shoes.

For accessories, I chose a pair of dark green earrings that I bought from Accessorize, I think that they matched the outfit well, together with white Guess watch and Coach wrist-let.
Accessorize earrings
Guess watch
Coach wrist-let
Suite Blanco shoes
I wore quite a simple outfit yesterday since I only went to a wine bar with my closest friends. What were you up to last Saturday? Would love to know more about you all.

Until next time,

Take Care,

Jessica :)

Monday, 17 September 2012

Review: NYX double sided eye pencil

Hi Beauties,

One of my favourite online makeup brands is NYX. It is amazingly cheap 
and good quality. Browsing through the NYX cometics website I found these pencils in the clearing section and decided to try them out.  This product is discontinued on the NYX website,  but it can be found on cherryculture and joy cosmetics on ebay. (Links will be linked down below).  The Double Sided is an eye Liner & Shadow which makes it easier to create an easy and fast smoky look. The brown eyeshadow side is smooth, glides on and wears well without creasing with a primer.   However, the black has a hard texture but if one rolls it between their hands it will be softer and easy to apply. I use both sides as an eye liner. It stays on the waterline for good 2 hours if set with an eye shadow. I like the brown side more since it gives more of a natural look instead of harsh black. If I were to see them in different colours, I would buy them in a heart beat.

NYX double sided eye pencil
Swatch : Brown / Black

Take Care,

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

OOTN:- Outfit Of The Night

Hello Beauties,

This evening, Rachel and I had the first ever Beauty is our Passion Blog meeting :) There are a lot of blog posts planned for the coming weeks so stay tuned.

For our first meeting I decided to dress up :) This is the outfit that I wore:

I really love this dress!! First of all, I love its bold fuchsia color and also that it has a Hi-Low hem line. I am obsessed with this trend at the moment. It is somewhat form fitting at the top with its ruxing detail. I paired this dress with casual wedges and also with a small hand bag that I both bought at Shana Outlet B'Kara. For accessories I opted to wear only a pair of pink dangly earings, since I taught that they were somewhat of a statement piece.

For my hair, I decided to experiment a bit and came up with a messy bun which at the same time it gave the dress a more put together look.

If you want a hair tutorial for this up do please leave a request in the comments below or comment on our Facebook page. 

Hope you like this post,

Till next time,

Take Care

Jessica :)