Sunday, 13 April 2014

Review: Eye Disc Eye Make up Remover

Hey Beauties,

For the last month I have been trying out this new product that I found at our local Supermarket. To be honest I bought on a whim but it turns out that it is a good product.

This product is eye discs which are already saturated with eye make up remover. All one needs to do is to place an eye disc on one eye for a few seconds, until the formula melts away the make up. Then you wipe it away a few times. I use the other side for the other eye. The benefits that this product has are that the formula is natural made up of Green tea which cleanses excess oil and Biotin (Vitamin H) which helps keep lashes strong and nourished.

Another benefit is that it does not sting, does not contain alcohol, and has a very nice smell. Another thing that I noticed is that after I opened the product the discs have not dried out, have remained moist.

In terms of price, it is an inexpensive product and it contains a lot of discs which will last quite some time.

Overall I am going to stick to this product with regards to eye make up remover.

Have you tried this product or anything similar?

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Until next time,

Take Care,

Jessica xxx